I am an academic, designer and researcher with more than 35 years’ experience in the industry from product to industrial, architecture, advertising, communications and marketing (2D, 3D and 4D time based, events and moving image). As Director of Academic Program, I led the design department by writing the new curriculum and shaping courses with a vision to "bringing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship" to our unique transdiciplinary school. The new program is now based on critical design and making, CDIO and STEAM principles. I am advancing my Ph.D. candidature at Western Sydney University's Institute for Culture and Society (Globalisation and Cultural Economy) with research on new knowledge ecology for industrial design and innovation in this century. This follows a Masters Design obtained from University Technology Sydney and a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts from Catholic University of Chile. Rising from hands on apprentice to reach Design Creative Direction and Management roles, I have looked after varied portfolios from Blue Chip to SME clients in Australia and abroad. Some highlights are in areas of technological innovation (electronic, construction, medical and scientific), durable and fast moving consumer goods, appliances, online and elearning solutions, human-centred design, ethnography, HCI, ICT, Design for Development and sustainability.